This stylish A-to-Z encounter with all things related to death and dying shows Noyes at her liveliest.
— Publishers Weekly
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YALSA Excellence in Nonfiction for Young Adults Nominee 

 "Addressing topics as far-ranging as 'Genocide,' 'Goth,' and 'Spirit Photography'... the author offers a broad illumination of spiritual, historical, and biological aspects of death. Photos, paintings, and engravings in homage to 'the end' make the book dynamic visually, too. Readers will be struck by the breadth of information provided in a single entry, as well as by the way the entries speak to one another, forming a cohesive whole. But what may please readers the most is Noyes's welcome neutrality: the only agenda here is in the service of knowledge." -- Publishers Weekly (starred review)

A Raucous Book of the Month: "Deborah Noyes braves the grim reaper to demystify death in an alphabetically-listed banquet of facts, folklore, science, and history.... each topic includes just the right amount of details to keep inquisitive readers of the dead (or undead) engrossed for weeks." -- Carlyn Beccia, Raucous Royals

"Just as epicurean geology professor Dr. William Buckland is said to have eaten the embalmed heart of French King Louis XIV, students will devour Noyes's new book. Chock-full of fascinating facts, this is an alphabetically arranged compendium of enthralling yet easy-to-understand entries.... comprehensive and compulsively readable ... even the most reluctant readers will find themselves caught up in the vivid descriptions and colorful photos and reproductions. A visually pleasing and attention-grabbing offering." -- School Library Journal

"This distinctive work may help to satisfy young adults' basic curiosity about death and everything that comes along with it. Exposing an amazing amount of information.... the extent of the coverage for each topic across time, cultures, and belief systems is unique and gives broad appeal to the subject matter." -- VOYA

A Flamingnet Top Choice : 

"I give Encyclopedia of The End a ten. It is a great introduction to the topic of death." 



ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE END. Copyright (c) 2009 Deborah Noyes. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.