Illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline

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A little girl seeks to regain her father’s attention during the Tulipomania craze in seventeenth-century Holland...

"A stunning picture book geared to older readers. We catch flower fever through the eyes of a precocious girl yearning to regain the attentions of her father — who’s gone a bit bonkers over the bulbs. In Deborah Noyes’s delicately layered story, Rembrandt even pops by as a family friend prone to hiding candied raisins under cushions… The Dutch master would likely approve of Bagram Ibatoulline’s sumptuous acrylic gouache illustrations." -- FamilyFun (“Our Favorite Things”)

“The paintings and drawings, done in period style, are a delight, as is the sweet father-daughter story." -- Minneapolis Star Tribune

“Noyes tells an unusual story with appealing rhythm and rich, fanciful language, while Ibatoulline’s exquisite paintings and ink drawings evoke the historical setting and lively characters with an old master’s precise attention to light, form, shadow, and texture. With few titles about Rembrandt available for this age group, this is a fine choice for introducing the artist and his time period." -- Booklist

“A stirring and reassuring account of the loving bond that can exist between fathers and daughters." -- Children’s Literature

"Noyes's unaffected child’s-eye view of the baffling turn of events that drove Holland's economy to collapse focuses on family and on the innocent concern of a child for her father… The illustrations are a haunting homage to Rembrandt, who has a peripheral role in the story… Beautiful." -- School Library Journal

“Children (and adults) will thrill to the beauty of the pictures and the tender concern of a child for her father." -- Kirkus Reviews

“Deborah Noyes brings 17th-century Holland to life… This fictionalized slice of history is rendered yet more intriguing by Bagram Ibatoulline’s paintings, reminiscent of Rembrandt’s intricate play of shadow and light." -- Washington Parent

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HANA IN THE TIME OF THE TULIPS. Text Copyright © 2004 Deborah Noyes. Illustration Copyright © 2004 Bagram Ibatoulline. Published by Candlewick Press, Inc.