★ Accessible history for younger readers.
— School Library Journal (starred review)

“Colleagues become bitter rivals in this tale of scientific discovery set during paleontology’s heady early days…. a fresh gander at the beginnings of dino-mania.”—Kirkus Reviews

“Provides a framework for detailing the burgeoning scientific fields of evolutionary theory and paleontology …. An exciting retelling of the passionate rivalry between two researchers, and the dinosaurs that ignited their intellectual labors and fueled their conflict.”—School Library Journal (starred review)

“Noyes provides a snappily written account of the equally indomitable scientists’ frenzied race to be the first to locate, excavate, and assemble dinosaur bones and name species. Laced with jealousy, betrayal, sabotage, and revenge.”—Publishers Weekly

“Kids who read their way through the dino shelves will welcome this seriocomic romp through the wild and woolly early days of paleontology and particularly revel in the myriad ways acclaimed scholars got things wrong through their own haste and, well, bone-headedness. Plenty of photographs accompany the wryly humorous narrative, and a timeline, notes, bibliography, and index.”—Bulletin of the Center for Children’s Books (recommended)

“Noyes’s writing will entice readers….a thought-provoking addition to units on dinosaurs, evolution, or a telling commentary on the need for collaboration in science.”—School Library Connection (recommended)

“The Wild West: home of outlaws, showdowns, rustlers, raids—and dinosaur wars? It seems impossible, but as recently as 200 years ago, most people were ignorant of these prehistoric creatures….entertaining text reports this evolving chaos in an accessible, engaging style, deftly integrating historical events…. the delivery and fresh content should satisfy readers—paleontologists or otherwise.”—Booklist

TOOTH AND CLAW. Copyright (c) 2019 Deborah Noyes. Published by Viking Children's Books. All rights reserved.